one waterway

at a time

Our platform will empower communities to co-design, co-advocate, and co-deliver the environmental repair of our waterfront foreshore parks.

Healing Country, while creating healthier, greener, resilient cities.

Sydney wide, there are over twenty locations requiring green infrastructure solutions in the form of large scale urban parks.

Mangrove forest

Repairing the landscape to what it once was, bringing it back to life.

Projects like Reimaging Rushcutters

Or Rewilding Rushcutters

And 24 other sites in Sydney Harbour alone

To make a system wide change to Sydney Harbour we need to do three big things


If we make Blue Green Infrastructure actually Infrastructure in the planning code these projects become possible (currently it is not).

We can achieve this by adding four words to Schedule 3 of the Planning Systems SEPP - “Critical Blue Green Infrastructure”

This allows the use of the State Significant Infrastructure (SSI) planning instrument. This solves the fragmentation and mandate problems, it also adds infrastructure contributions to assist in funding the transformation.

It would allow the state government to say yes.


We need to assemble a business case for each site that documents how these parks can be delivered in a revenue-neutral way by the State of NSW.

This business case can demonstrate self funding with carbon credits, nature repair markets, value capture, social impact bonds and other market mechanisms.

This means no regret and no trade-offs for the State.


We are creating a platform to allow Traditional Custodians, experts and the community to rapidly co-create master plans - rapidly and at scale.

A shared vision for the culturally significant large harbourside state-owned areas where Sydney’s water meets the land will unite key stakeholders and inspire the community who passionately desire a healthy climated adapted Sydney Harbour.

A community embraced plan is politically easy for the to approve.


We are making a new market segment, co-designed urban climate adaptation – amplifying Traditional land management with modern technology.

We are filling a void in the market between vast amounts of financing and policy upstream and many capable delivery entities down-stream.

Both sides have a problem. Those who work in the mud trying to rejuvenate Sydney Harbour struggle with funding, finding project sites and regulatory approval.

Government and the investment community struggle to find feasible, viable and likely to be approved projects.

If we succeed, we will create hundreds of investment ready - community embraced - projects which can transform our waterway and protect our cities.

Aerial View of a Mangrove Swamp

We need partners, funding and expertise to ​make these three big moves and create a ​groundswell for change in the community.