Co-create your local park to combat climate change.

Our platform will empower communities to co-design, co-advocate, and co-deliver foreshore parks.

Making healthier, greener, and more resilient cities.

In Sydney there are over twenty locations where we can create these large scale urban parks.

Blue-Green parks that will shape our city.

To do that we need to do three big things


A planning pathway for individual State Significant Precincts (SSP).

Or add five words to Schedule 3 of the Planning Systems SEPP making Urban Green Infrastructure Infrastructure...

This solves the fragmentation and mandate problems, it also adds infrastructure contributions to the capital stack.

It would allow the state to say yes.


Aerial top view of green forest for sale carbon credit. Dense gr

Assemble a business case that documents how these parks can be delivered in a revenue- neutral way by the State of New South Wales.

Demonstrate self funding with carbon credits, nature repair markets, value capture and social impact bonds.

This means no regret and no trade-offs for the state.


Create a tool to allow experts and the community to rapidly co-create master plans.

A shared vision for the large harbourside state-owned areas where Sydney’s water meets the land.

A community embraced plan is politically easy for the state to approve.

call to action web button with arrows
call to action web button with arrows


I began my PhD at the University of Sydney to find out why we can’t rewild the Harbour and create parks the public is crying out for?

Three years later I believe that alone each problem is independently impossible but in the synergies between there is a glimmer of hope.

call to action web button with arrows
call to action web button with arrows

See Blue-Green-Domain.Org for more details!

Aerial View of a Mangrove Swamp

We need partners, funding and expertise to make these three big moves and create a groundswell for change in the community.

Together we can build the tools to turn Sydney Harbours foreshore blue-green again.

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